Gallo Acoustics speakers for sale. Get the best Gallo Acoustics speakers for the lowest price. Our team will be sure you get your speakers when you need them! Envision a really top of the line Gallo Acoustics speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. A speaker that arrives in a palette of hues to supplement any room from straightforward matt dark to striking cleaned tempered steel (and six different hues and completes in the middle)

By picking a circle, the most grounded conceivable shape, we have killed inward reverberation and outside diffraction, the two primary driver of amplifier bending. The licensed S2 innovation, improves low frequencies that go route past ordinary satellite speakers. By utilizing our 3″ full-run driver and by killing the hybrid, the Nucleus Micro is enriched with spatial attributes unparalleled by some other amplifier, paying little respect to size or cost.

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