Polk Audio Sound Systems and Speakers For Sale

In case you’re springing for speakers, you don’t need to look exceptionally far since Polk Audio Speakers are here. Polk Audio has a fabulous sound lineup that is built here in the USA. What’s more, they’re reasonable at that. So whether you’re in the market for an open air speaker to soundtrack your pool parties, something you can fly into your sack as you make a beeline for the recreation center or a speaker that will put your neighbor’s home theater setup to disgrace, Polk has you secured. Look at our most loved Polk Audio speakers underneath.

Polk Audio’s Top Speakers

The RC65i have for quite some time been a most loved of audiophiles, on account of their inconceivable sound controlled by a 6.5-inch woofer and .75-inch swivel-mount tweeter. They gloat a 32Hz to 20kHz recurrence reaction and 89 dB affectability, giving all of you the range and power you could need. They convey an extraordinary mid-run and good highs, however to create better lows, take a stab at blending with a subwoofer. The RC65is are made of dampness safe materials in this way, notwithstanding a family room, they likewise function admirably in restrooms, kitchens and saunas.

Polk Audio Sound Systems

These in-divider speakers are anything but difficult to introduce, requiring you just to cut an opening, feed through the wires and secure it set up. Be that as it may, in case you’re setting these speakers six feet or higher on your divider, we recommend flipping them topsy turvy with the goal that the tweeter is at the base. This enables you to point the tweeter towards your seat to yield better high-recurrence detail in light of the fact that the tweeter is nearer to ear level.

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