SVS subwoofers remain solitary as the reference standard for bass. All SVS subwoofers easily create the least frequencies at the most noteworthy yield levels while keeping up pinpoint exactness and speed in drifters, and mixing flawlessly with all speakers. Music, films and TV indicates turn out to be all the more persuading and each sound experience goes up against an additional vitality and feeling with a SVS subwoofer mooring the low end.

SVS makes an assortment of ported and fixed home subwoofers to fit each room, sound framework and spending plan. Our Sound Experts are accessible 7 days seven days to enable you to pick the best fueled subwoofer dependent on your own set-up and listening inclinations.

The SVS 1000 Series changed the amusement by bringing authentic, world-class subwoofer execution to another dimension of reasonableness. Minimal and instructing with astounding force, the 1000 Series outflank subwoofers double the cost and are very much prepared to fill in as the sonic establishment of any music or home theater framework.

SVS Subwoofer Design Philosophy

The embodiment of our plan rationality is driven by five key execution targets that hoist SVS Subwoofers over all others. This substance is uncovered with each instinctive and candidly charged minute that no one but SVS can convey. From startlingly practical high effect motion picture audio effects to the subtlest melodic subtleties, it resembles hearing everything out of the blue.

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