Velodyne subwoofers elite “Total System Design” rationality implies that every part should orchestrate with all the others, for most extreme execution. Consolidating “Silicon Valley” space age building, close resilience producing, PC testing and broad listening assessments, Velodyne speakers and subwoofers intertwine the science, and workmanship, of speaker plan.

Adaptable and finish include bundles guarantee ideal reconciliation with for all intents and purposes any framework. The coordinated amazing hybrid systems in all Velodyne subwoofers can twofold a collector or intensifier’s usable power, and even lower the primary speakers’ bending levels, when utilizing the “Subwoofer Direct” include with the LFE yield. Velodyne structures hybrid parameters for an ideal mix with any framework, paying little heed to speaker measure. “What is most striking about the sound is the consistent mix from a smooth, very much explained base end…up.” – Audio Video Interiors.

In 2003, Velodyne presented carefully tuned subwoofers. Applying DSP innovation to subwoofers permitted phenomenal exactness in tuning and long haul dependability. Designing the computerized EQs, hybrids, and channels guarantees the most astounding conceivable execution from our subwoofers. “Hostile to cutting” circuits naturally screen the speaker, enabling the subwoofer to use its full power limit, for greatest yield and least mutilation. Select “Dynamic-pressure” and over-trip circuits shield Velodyne subwoofers from over-burden for phenomenal strength. Today, with broad testing and quality control, Velodyne subwoofers are the most solid on the planet.

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